Picking up a 🎄Christmas Tree at 🎅🏻 Santa's Workshop
Having fun: what to do with an empty Christmas tree box

Christmas-Inspired 🎅🏻 Teen Board - Montessori Math Lesson

Montessori Teen Board (buy the board set here and beads here) is a wonderful lesson to introduce the concept of teens to a child. Not only children see how ten and ones are being built to make teens, but they are also physically building teens themselves! Adrian (37 months) has been enjoying the Teen Board for a few months now. Today, in a spirit of the Holidays, instead of using colored beads, we are using Christmas-inspired Santa's boots 🎅🏻.

20161214-DSC_0101Start with introducing (3) teens at a time (e.g. eleven through thirteen), concluding with a Three-Period-Lesson. 

20161214-DSC_0101To make eleven, we are just adding one unit to a ten-bar.
20161214-DSC_0101Have the child slide a wooden number 1 on top of a ten written on the board. "One and ten makes eleven" 1 + 10=11.

Although I started introducing Montessori beads and a Teen Board even before Adrian's third birthday (see a post here), the official Teen Board lesson he received at 36 months (read detailed lesson explanation here).

Have you been introducing a Teen Board to your child? I would love to hear your experience with it.

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