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Advent Calendar (10 day Christmas countdown)

Christmas is such a special time for our family. Julia has a long break from school, meaning more time with me and more time with her brother. I enjoy creating fun Christmas-inspired activities in which both of my children can participate. We do not follow a harsh curriculum during the holiday times (Julia does not need to memorize the multiplication table while she eats, nor does she have to do drills during a car ride:) Children enjoy spending time with each other, playing silly games, and just having fun! (See here a car Julia and Adrian made from cardboard!)

Julia and Adrian also look forward to our Christmas countdown. This year, I did a 10 day countdown. (Next year, I might look into buying an Advent Calendar on Etsy - this one looks amazing!) In a mean time, I wanted Adrian to be involved in the process, so the calendar is very simple: little envelops, which I invited Adrian to decorate. Inside of each envelope, there is a little note saying:

(10) find a special gift under a Christmas Tree to begin our Christmas -countdown,

(9) make a snowman,

(8) toast marshmallows over a fireplace,

(7) write Christmas cards to family and friends,

(6) find a surprise book under a Christmas Tree and read it cuddling up with Adrian,

(5) have a matching pajama party while watching a Christmas movie,

(4) have a family pizza night, 

(3) go on a family nature walk,

(2) decorate a gingerbread house,

(1) have a picture with Santa!




DSC_0034 Advent Tree*-2Let the countdown begin!

Our Countdown in action



Day 10: The fist gift of Christmas Countdown.



Julia received a ballet carousel for all her ballet efforts.


Adrian was so excited to receive a blue truck snow globe! Little Blue Truck's Christmas is his favorite Christmas book! (Read here.)

Day 9: We had our first snow, so we can make a snowman!


Day 8: Toast marshmallows over a fireplace.

DSC_0169 toasting marshmallow

Day 7: Write Christmas cards to family and friends.


Day 6: Find a book under a Christmas tree and read it cuddling up.

DSC_0292The Christmas Wish book - the most beloved Holiday book!

Day 5: Have a matching pajama party while watching a Christmas movie.


Day 4: Have a family pizza night.

DSC_0053 Family Pizza nightAfter hours of shopping, it was exactly what we all needed!

Day 3: Go on a family nature walk.


Day 2:  Decorate a gingerbread house.

DSC_0118Read how Julia and Adrian decorated it here.

Day 1: Have a picture with Santa!


Well, we did not have a chance to take a picture with Santa, but we got a good shot of him! (See how Santa was caught on camera on Christmas Eve here.)

I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season!

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