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Self-Correcting Alphabet Letter Puzzle

With Adrian turning three, my focus now is more on "core" lessons such as language, reading and math (as oppose to practical life and sensorial exercises he did prior to that). I know some children already read at this age; Adrian does not yet, so our main focus in preparation for Pink Series is letter recognition. This Self-Correcting Alphabet Letter Puzzle was a test to see how well does Adrian know his ABCs. This puzzle targets skills such as matching, first letter recognition, and vocabulary expansion. Some picture-words he knew, and the ones that he did not know, like a Quail, he had to match the small print under the picture to a correct letter puzzle. Also, if matched incorrectly, the pieces will not fit together - that is why it is called "self-correcting" puzzle.

DSC_0345First, he would sort the puzzle pieces:  pictures on one side, letters on the other.
DSC_0345Word "inchworm" was unfamiliar, but he figured it out by a process of elimination - it was the last one left.

Adrian has been doing See & Spell boards since two years old, and by 26 months, he was able to complete all the double-sided boards. However, rather than being able to spell at such a young age, he was utilizing his matching skill since it is possible to correctly match the wooden letters to their respective cutouts even without knowing all the letters. Now, at 36 months, using the Self-Correcting Alphabet Letter Puzzle , I was not sure if Adrian would be able to match the entire alphabet from the first try, but he did. As he becomes more familiar with words, it will become easier to complete with each try, but the pictures are beautifully detailed, and hope he will be enjoying this puzzle for weeks to come.

DSC_0003.JPGFew days later, Adrian completed this puzzle a little faster and with more confidence:) He also decided to match the wooden Alphabet letters to it and add corresponding objects that begin with each letter. He is pretty good with the first-letter recognition, so I guess we will be moving on to work with the last-letter recognition soon:)

What Alphabet puzzles do you do with your child?


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