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Paper Mache pasting with recycled Christmas cards

Christmas is almost here. I am sure we all thought about Holiday cards, but what about the cards we had received in prior years? Yes, I save a lot of them, but not all. Also, what about Christmas paper, wrapping paper, tissue paper, left over ribbons? In the spirit of recycling and reusing, I offered my children to cut the cards in pieces and make them into art  - kind of Paper Mache project. 

DSC_0001.JPGAdrian is using Mod Podge for pasting.


Using feathers for pasting. 


Some Holiday cards even had stickers on them!


So, save your cards and your wrapping and tissue paper! It is a fun activity for kids that will bring out their creativity and reduce waist! Trust me, this activity is so simple that even your two year old can do it! 

DSC_0247-001This was Adrian's first pasting project with Christmas paper at 26 months.

DSC_0251-001Shortly after, Adrian decorated his pencil jar (read the post here).

DSC_0020 At two-and-a-half, Adrian made a Transportation collage (read here).

Have you tried collaging or pasting with your child? Did they have fun?


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