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🍂Fall Inspired 🍁Autumn Tree 🎨 Art & Craft

With all the vibrant Fall colors around us, Adrian expressed a wish to paint an Autumn tree. To prepare, we read books about Trees, talked about their composition, and looked at different types of trees.

DSC_0176.JPGAdrian is using artist-grade Watercolor PaintsWashable Watercolors, and these paintbrushes.

DSC_0245 PRINT US-001

We read  Woods and Forests book, and I explained that the trunk has to be thicker on the bottom and thinner towards the top, and that the branches have to face sideways-up, towards the sun. 

DSC_0245 PRINT US-001
DSC_0176.JPGPressing the paintbrush flash against the paper gives the leaves a fuller appearance.

DSC_0249*B:Art Paitnign Tree Post.JPG
DSC_0176.JPGI then suggested to layer on other colors, that Adrian observed the leaves change to.

DSC_0197-001*FB & Page:Insg-Maple Leaf
DSC_0176.JPGFinally, Adrian added some felt sticker-leaves to add a 3D dimension to the painting.

Adrian had fun expressing his artistic side while using vibrant Autumn colors. He learned quickly how to press the paintbrush flash against the paper to have a "leaf-like" effect, and he enjoyed implementing the newly learned techniques himself.

DSC_0245 PRINT US-001

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