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Montessori Letter Work book

We love this Montessori: Letter Work book. Maria Montessori believed that children learn to write before they learn to read, so the process is driven by their own words and thoughts before those of others. That is why letters are taught first as sounds (instead of names), and indented alphabet tiles in this book will encourage your child to trace each letter with a finger, promoting sensorial association. The arrows show the direction of tracing, paving down the foundation for correct writing. Adrian has been enjoying this book for a while, refining his fine motor skills, but now, more than ever he uses it with Language Objects to refine first letter recognition.

The letters in this book are organized by the motion with which you write the letter, rather than alphabetically. There are few "Montessori ways" to introduce letters to a toddler. The idea is to introduce the letters phonetically (the way they sound) rather than by the name.  The order allows children to quickly form as many words as possible when learning the letter sounds. You can read more about the letters order in our Letter Series

Adrian has been really enjoying this book. Through pronouncing and tracing, he is acquiring invaluable pre-literacy skills - the Montessori way:)

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