Counting animals with marbles - early Math
Adrian's 3rd Birthday (Montessori Celebration of Life)

The Cycle of an Apple and Apple Serving Activity

It is Fall here, in Western Hemisphere, and apples are everywhere! So today, it is all about apples! 

DSC_0002.JPGApple Serving  Activity

DSC_0002.JPGWe Love these Montessori aprons: independence = confidence = happy child

DSC_0002.JPGLearning about the Life Cycle of an Apple
DSC_0002.JPGThese are traditional Montessori 3-Part Cards. Read more on matching cards here.

DSC_0002.JPGFirst, Adrian matched the picture cards.

DSC_0002.JPGThen, although not reading yet, he visually matched all the label card.


Now, let's slice an apple. I removed the skin of an apple, as it makes much harder for a toddler to pierce the skin. This way, a little wiggling with an apple slicer  gets the job of slicing done.

DSC_0002.JPGTime to work - time to eat.

Time to chop and time to serve:)

It is amazing how much more Adrian would eat of the food he himself prepared. 

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