Fall inspired Cutting with Scissors & Sequencing Activity
5 Layer Pumpkin Puzzle

Counting with Fall leaves counters

Montessori math curriculum emphasizes the difference between a numeral and quantity. I remember hearing for the first time the concept: "this say 1" vs "this is 1" and saying to myself: how will I remember all this! (Read my Early Math post for more information on says vs. is). Well, for Adrian, it is not a strange concept, but rather a daily interaction with numerals and quantities. The activity below reinforces the concept of a written number, which is abstract, and an actual quantity (a counter) a child would place under each numeral. 


You can use anything as counters: marbles, dot-stickers, anything small enough to fit within a cell. I also had an exact number of counters (15 total), so none are left when the child has completed his work. 


This activity is very simple for him, but he likes new materials, especially if they represent the season. 

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