Letter recognition: Following the Letter (Montessori Language)
White horse (country living is fabulous!)

Magnetic Pattern Geometric Shape Blocks with an Alphabet extension

I always try to find new ways to explore the same material: learning alphabet letters for example. So, today we are using Magnetic Pattern Geometric Shape Blocks (buy here) which come with a wooden magnetic play board and 120 magnets in a variety of geometric shapes and colors. I found these great alphabet letters traceables pdfs (download here), and I offered to Adrian to trace the first letter of his name right on the letter template (Level 1 difficulty).  

DSC_0035.JPGLevel 1: matching magnets to the template by overlaying blocks on top of the template.

DSC_0147Level 2: creating images from imagination.

For level 2, Adrian brought his excavator toy afterwords, so the initial image was purely from his imagination. “Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.” ― Maria Montessori 

DSC_0225.JPGLevel 3: while following the template, reproducing an image on an empty board.

For level 3: in order to reproduce an image, child needs to understand spacial direction and know simple math to count how many magnets go which way. This level is appropriate for Adrian now (at three years old), offering just enough challenge to engage him.  


Reproducing a Snail.

DSC_0008Reproducing a Giraffe (buy figurine here) at 40 months.

Other activities from alphabet exploration: 

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