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Wooden Tangram Puzzle Game

My friend bought this puzzle in London for Julia, when Julia was three years old. This puzzle is an ancient Chinese brain game known to prime children's brains for math, and it helps a child to learn simple geometry such as side, angle, triangle, square, etc. Julia was first able to complete it at three -and-a-half.  The truth is that it takes me sometime to put it together if I have not seen it assembled for a while. It just so happened that we had misplaced the illustration page, and the pieces were loose in a basket. I was not in a rush to introduce this puzzle to Adrian since he was not even three years old, and we did not have a visual representation of a puzzle assembled. 

DSC_0011.JPGHowever, I "followed the child" when he took the puzzle off the shelf.
DSC_0011.JPGIt took Adrian few minuted to assemble it, but he did it! I thought it was an accident. 

DSC_0011.JPGHowever, he disassembled it and did it again ... and again. 

I found a similar tangram puzzle here, and it says for "children between ages 6 to 10 years".  This one from non-toxic paint, however, says "from ages 3 to 105". I think regardless of age, if a child enjoys this puzzle while developing problem-solving and logical thinking skills, as well as enhancing visual perception ability, it is a toy well chosen.

Does your child have a Tangram Puzzle?

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