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Wooden Alphabet Sound Puzzle

This wooden Alphabet Sound Puzzle "pronounces" the name of each letter and a corresponding object beginning with that letter when such letter is placed correctly. Julia loved to chew on wooden letters first (as you can see), then she enjoyed manipulating them as pieces are slightly raised above the puzzle board for easy grasping, and eventually, at 19 months, she was able to independently assemble the entire alphabet puzzle, inserting letters into the correct slots. I do not think I could have presented a Three-Period-Lesson to her on ABCs :) but she was very familiar with this particular puzzle, and practice makes anything possible :) Adrian at 19 months, was able to complete about 2/3 of this puzzle independently. His first success was when he was 20 months.

It is amazing, but he still enjoys it. He is pretty fast though with it:)


Just A Note: the letter-sound trigger is light-sensitive, so any change in lighting or shade would trigger the pronunciation of that letter is left "open". So, what we do, when the puzzle is not assembled, and the letters are not inserted into their respective slots, we turn the puzzle face down as to not trigger the sensors. 


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