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Jigsaw Puzzles for a toddler

🖍️Shading over First 🍁Autumn 🍂 Leaves

Although it is not officially Fall until September 21st, we can already feel the autumn in the air: the crisp morning air, the leaves graciously dancing as they fall in front of our windows, the earlier sunsets, the cooler temperatures. 

DSC_0092-001This Sunday morning, children were happily cuddling with Daddy on the deck while drinking hot cocoa.

DSC_0092-001We noticed beautiful first autumn leaves starting to fall on our deck. 

DSC_0095Soon after Daddy showed them how they can shade over the leaves using crayons (similarly to how Adrian shaded over the Sandpaper Numbers), Julia and Adrian went right to it.


DSC_0101Julia's process art. 
DSC_0095Adrian shading over his leaves. 

IMG_8113"When I see the clouds, I see my soul."

We appreciate so much the change of seasons, which adds newness, excitement, anticipation, and most of all gratitude for residing in this beautiful world of peace and wonderful opportunities.

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