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Julia's 7th Birthday (Montessori Celebration of Life)

🍁Fall 🎃 Inspired Activities for Children (2016)

Autumn is our favorite season! We love the vibrancy of deciduous trees as foliage changes color from green to golden-yellow to red. We love watching the leaves dance in the air as they gracefully fall on the ground, offering children a playground heaven to jump into! We love the cool crispness in the air during mornings and nights, while still enjoying the bright warm sun during the day. We love all the fun Fall inspired activities bring us: from going to the farm to pick berries, pumpkins or apples, to hay rides and corn mazes. The natural scenery is breathtaking, fireplaces are starting to burn, apple cider is being served, and anticipation of holidays fills us with much excitement. 

DSC_0015Our Fall-inspired area reflects our affection for Autumn.

DSC_0022Autumn-Inspired Practical Life shelves.

DSC_0092-001Shading over first Autumn leaves. (see here). 

DSC_0029Tweezing or Tonging corn kernel (see here). DSC_0065.JPGColoring with Pumpkins (see here). DSC_0002.JPGThe Cycle of an Apple and Apple Serving Activity (see here). 

DSC_04375 Layer "Pumpkin" Puzzle (see here). 

DSC_0462.JPGFall inspired Cutting with Scissors activity (see here). 

DSC_0486Counting with Fall leaves counters (see here ). 

DSC_0014.JPG  🎃Halloween 👻 Inspired 🙌🏻SENSORY BIN with a 🔢Math Twist (see here ).

DSC_0001.JPGFall Inspired Flower Arranging Activity (see here ). 

Fall & Halloween Inspired Tongs Transfering (see here). 





DSC_0039-001 Instg Adrian on a pumpkin fieldPumpkin picking at the farm (see here). 

DSC_0125See here  🎃Pumpkin and Squash to Montessori 3 Part 🔖Cards Matching.

  Below: Working with Alphabet Pattern Blocks: P is for Pumpkin.

DSC_0161 Level 1 (overlaying the template's image - matching magnets to the shape underneath).

DSC_0225.JPGLevel 2 (re-building the template's image on an empty magnetic board).

DSC_0176.JPGFall-Inspired Watercolor Art (see here).

DSC_0138.JPGLife Cycle of a Pumpkin (see here). Adrian at 36 months can independently match both: pictures and labels since the words are pretty simple. 


Fall Inspired Weighing Activity with Balance scales (see here).


See here "Making Teens with 🎃Pumpkin Counters (Montessori Math Intro to Teen Board)."

DSC_0282-001Making Pumpkin cookies (see here).

DSC_0297-001Thanksgiving Craft: Clay Turkey (see here). 

DSC_0257-001See here "🍂Fall and 🦃Thanksgiving Inspired 🐇🐿 Forest Animals 🙌 Sensory Bin.

DSC_0424.JPGFinally, see here Thanksgiving-Inspired pretend/role play with the Green Doll House.

For more on Thanksgiving-inspired activities, read here

For more on Autumn-themed activities, read here a roundup of all our activities we have done during the month of 🍂September and 🎃October: over 20 of them! arranged by the area of study in a post "🍂Fall & 🎃Halloween Inspired Homeschooling 101 Unit Study."

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