Bubble making - Practical Life Activity
Numbers Memory Game

Mixing Color to Make Shades of Blue

Toddles love water: they like to pour, mix, and they also enjoy when the process leads to a result: be it clean dishes, bubbles, or different shades of color, like here.

DSC_0024First, we added a drop of blue color into each glass ...
DSC_0024... and then added water to each glass, resulting in a three cups with the identical blue color.
DSC_0024To make a darker shade, we added even more color.
DSC_0024We added less to the middle glass, and nothing to the last. 

I then presented a Three-Period Lesson: lightest blue, darkest, in-the-middle. Adrian remembered the language from the Color Boxes activity, but this was fun for him to actually make the different shades of his favorite color: blue. 

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