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Teacher Appreciation Luncheon at a Montessori School

I truly believe that the most important person in any child's life, apart from a parent, is a teacher. When children are not only learning things that impress them daily, but are also being shown love by others, there is only one thing to feel: gratitude, and there is only one thing to say: thank you

Montessori education addresses the whole child: his/her physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth. Thus, Montessori Teachers, besides assisting children in becoming independent learners, also help them to turn their attention outward - fostering solidarity, collaboration, respect and dignity of others. We never forget the young child who exclaimedI learned it myself!” -and we will forever be grateful to teachers who, despite good or bad personal days, are always poised, always patient, always ready to give: knowledge, attention, discipline, affection .... themselves. I myself, have been home-schooling my two children, and I know how it can take a toll: emotionally, physically, mentally .... and they are MY children! Thus, it is so praiseworthy for a teacher to give oneself so unselfishly, so wholeheartedly, so constructively ... to the ones we love so dearly…to our children!

Our dearest Teachers - Thank You!

And on the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, we want to show you how much you all mean to us!


Dear Teachers, You are cordially invited to be a guest at Alice in Wonderland Tea Party!


Is the Tea Party behind this magic door? 


DSC_0334"The March Hare, have you seen Alice? What about our Special Guests - The Teachers?"

DSC_0376We have something very special prepared for them ...
DSC_0298.JPGFresh Flowers

DSC_0346Heirloom Decorations 



DSC_0387 DSC_0386
DSC_0387 DSC_0387

Food prepared by parents with love...

DSC_0366Sweets ... Anyone? Where is everybody? Having a tea?




DSC_0363Oh, and no tea party is complete withouttea!


DSC_0345Gold-ribbon wrapped chocolate and custom printed playing card personalized with student's photo

Shhh ... each card will reveal a surprise! 


Thank You Our Dearest Teachers!

We hope that we showed you just how special you are to all of us!


p.s. It is such an honor to be part of such a wonderful parent-community who have put their hearts into making this event so special. From heirloom decorations and fresh flowers, to delicious home-made food and special gifts to commemorate the event ...

The Luncheon was simply fabulous :)

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