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🇺🇸 Flag Day - How We Celebrated in 2016

In the United States, Flag Day is celebrated on June 14th (commemorating Flag's adoption in 1777 on June 14) with multiple parades, emphasizing on the special place the flag holds in the hearts of the US Citizens.

F Is for Flag (buy here) is a good book to introduce this holiday. Julia (at six and a half) is able to read this book by herself, with an exception of a Pledge of Allegiance part, where the vocabulary is a little advanced for her reading level. 

DSC_0339-001Julia memorized the Pledge of Allegiance and kept "pledging" throughout the day.

DSC_0341-001 Julia is reading Flag history facts in a F Is for Flag book (buy here). 

DSC_0343Julia is copying flags from the reverse side of World Flag Board (buy here), using gray color to represent white.


After finishing drawing a flag, we would read about this flag's meaning and history in a Flags of the World book (buy here), and then Julia would locate the country to which the flag belongs to on a political map of Kids' Beginner's World Atlas (buy here).

DSC_0578-001 Matching wooden flags to flags on the book cover.

DSC_0367Julia would then match the wooden flags from this set to the ones on her picture. 

DSC_0599-001Adrian then matched wooden flags to the ones depicted on the reverse side of Flag World Map (buy here).

The other side of the World Flag Board (see here) is a world map with slots for the corresponding flags to be inserted into. Julia would also use Mobile Montessori Flags App in conjunction with this activity.

Lastly, children assembled Children of the World puzzle (buy here) and came up with one object, which could potentially represent each country on the puzzle.


Thanks to our Continent Boxes (read a post here), we found most of countries' symbols:

  • panda for China,
  • an elephant for India,
  • bull-fighting for Spain,
  • Matreoshka for Russia,
  • chop-sticks and sushi roll for Japan,
  • Arabian horse for Saudi Arabia, and so on ...

DSC_0607 Today, to us, F is for FLAG, F is for FAMILY, F is for FRIENDSHIP!

HAPPY National 🇺🇸 FLAG DAY!

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