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Collaging and Pasting at two-and -a-half years old

👔Father's Day ✂️Craft • Daddy, I Love You To The 🌙 Moon & 🚀Back!

Today, children are making a special Father's Day card for Daddy. This craft idea was inspired by Guess How Much I Love You book (buy here), with a simple yet poignant message about an unconditional love of a Father Rabbit ~ about love that knows no boundaries, love that keeps going on, ever-expanding and never-ending.


What you will need:

  • a ⭐️ star paper -puncher
  • glue-stick
  • colorful cardstock (we are using this large contraction paper)
  • scissors
  • shiny red foil (we are using leftover Christmas wrapping paper to resemble a flame 🔥coming out from the 🚀 rocket ship).

DSC_0025To draw a Moon, Julia referenced National Geographic Kids First Big Book of Space

DSC_0029-001Adrian is punching different color stars, exercising his gross-motor control.

DSC_0035By reading National Geographic Kids First Big Book of Space, we learned that, although to us stars look like shiny sparkling white diamonds, stars actually come in different colors: from the hottest blue to coolest red (our Sun being the yellow color ~ in the middle).  

DSC_0047"Daddy, I love you to the moon and back!" Happy Father's Day!  

For more ideas on Father's Day Crafts, see here a post 🎥 "👔 Father's Day Gift Craft Magically Appearing 🙈Secret 🖌Message."

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