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Folding cloths independently at two and a half

Collaging and Pasting at two-and -a-half years old

Adrian has been enjoying pasting and doing Paper Mache "art" since about two years old. 

DSC_0247-001This was Adrian's first pasting project at 26 months using Christmas paper.

DSC_0234-001Read here how Adrian was pastingPaper Mache his glass pencil jar.

At two-and-a-half,  however, his art projects are less abstract, with a definitive theme. Here, he is making a collage using Mod Podge and paper, small beads, feathers, stones etc. He is also doing all the cutting himself.



Cars-cars-cars! He loves cars. This picture has a sky on top, grass on the bottom and cars in between - a progress from abstract art just few months ago:)

Have you tried collaging or pasting with your child? Did they have fun? Comment - I do read them.

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