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Lacing Wooden Geometric Shapes Activity

Lacing Shapes is very useful activity as it teaches colors, shape recognition, and threading (indirectly preparing a hand for sewing one day). Made in the USA, these six wooden geometric shapes (circle, triangle, octagon, hexagon, pentagon, and square) with color-matched  laces, encourage a child to work with the hands, indirectly developing fine-motor control.


I first introduced this activity to Adrian at around 18 months, but at that time, he was not ready for actual threading. Now, Adrian quickly learned the lacing-stitch as he threaded laces through the pre-punched holes over and over :) 

DSC_0520.JPGInterestingly, here, Adrian is using his left-hand, while he predominantly works with his right. DSC_0520.JPG

Adrian also matched wooden geometric solids (buy similar here) to flat colored wooden lacing shapes, and we discussed the difference between the three- dimensional shapes and the flat shapes. Adrian loves these handmade geometric solids made from maple wood. They are a perfect size for a toddler hand, feel wonderful to the touch, and I love that they are polished with organic bees wax and organic olive oil. 

Sensorial, Practical-Life and Geometry – all in one!

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