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Painting with Watercolors at 6 years

Painting with Watercolors at 2 years

Adrian loves doing whatever Julia is doing. Today, we are using  watercolors  (these are simple, washable, no mixing or supervision required.)  Adrian is finally starting to apply colors next to each other and not on top of each other like at an Art Studio


He also understands the process now:

rinse the brush in water                           dab it in color                             apply color to paper...

DSC_0036-002 DSC_0037-002 DSC_0038-002


DSC_0039-001Adrian's First Self-Portrait (blue is his favorite color)

DSC_0045-001drawing Julia's hair: "Julia likes purple" he said
DSC_0045-001drawing himself with blue eyes
DSC_0045-001Family Portrait is ready!


DSC_0060-001Seeing Julia using a sponge while trying Wet-In-Wet Watercolor Technique, Adrian improvises and tries sponge-painting.
After every art session, Adrian comes to me, hugs me, and says:

"Me Very Happy!"

 So, let Art, Creativity and Happiness fill our daily lives!

Let's Paint, Create and Be Happy!!!

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