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A Banana Smoothie for two (from preparing to setting the table and eating together)

What about a cold refreshing smoothie on a hot afternoon?

Although, Adrian has been making banana snacks since about 1 year old (here, is a post on preparing his own snack at 14 months), now, at two and a half it is more about the entire process: from cutting and mixing, to setting up a child-size table (for himself and his sister) and, of course, eating together. 

DSC_0237 DSC_0237

Try banana cutting with a plastic knife first at around 1 year old. Banana is soft and non-slippery, so it is usually the first fruit your child would cut. Next, your child can cut cheese (which is a bit firmer) with a dull dinner knife. A pickle is wet and has at least one curved surface, increasing the challenge. Finally, you will have to decide when your child is ready to use a sharper knife to cut vegetables like celery. (Here, Adrian is using a child-size dinner knife.)


Banana, almond milk, frozen strawberries, goji berries, chai seeds, poppy seeds, whole flax and honey

DSC_0241 DSC_0241

Beautiful hand-made place-mats from Etsy


DSC_0250Julia is wearing a hand-made Apples and Pears Apron, and Adrian is wearing Baking Toddler Apron

My children eat much better when they themselves prepare the food: they still require supervision (like with operating the Nutri Bullet mixer), but the rest, is all them :)



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