Preparing his own snack at 14 months
Ladybug Puzzle

Easter 🐣 2015 Themed Activities

Today is Easter and Julia (5 1/2 years old) and Adrian (17 months) are eager to do some Easter Themed Activities.

DSC_0382-001MATH - counting (adding) using marbles.

DSC_0392-002MATH - counting a quantity and selecting the correct numeral; sand-tracing.

DSC_0389-001LANGUAGE  - reading and matching words to pictures.

DSC_0391-001LANGUAGE  - reading and writing (tracing over).

DSC_0394-002LANGUAGE - writing; spelling out and finding the 1st letter.

Adrian was observing his sister, and he could not wait to try it himself.

DSC_0410-001 "This is how it works! It is fun!"


DSC_0409-002Picture -to -picture matching.

DSC_0409-002Adrian at 17 months was able to match all the pictures correctly.

SENSORIAL & LANGUAGE - tracing letters using marbles.


Wishing you a bountiful, happy, and healthy year!

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