A Multipurpose Weaning Table
Preparing his own snack at 14 months

Practicing Mindfulness at 1 year old with a 🖌️💧Buddha Board

Adrian was fascinated with a zen-like etch-a-sketch Buddha Board (buy here) which involves water-painting and creating "art" which would start vanishing slowly as the water evaporates. This board is used widely in the East as a form of meditation and calming the mind while creating beautiful images.  

"As the water evaporates, your image will fade, but will reveal a new perspective on your creative endeavors, encouraging the Zen idea of living in the moment. "

DSC_0831.JPG"Mastering the Art of Letting Go!"

This exercise is very calming for the mind: it reinforces the concept that nothing is permanent, and that everything is evanescent, fleeting and transient. Using a brush and water, a child would paint on a surface, and a creation will come to life in bold design. As the water slowly evaporates, the image will fade, revealing a new perspective on artistic expression and encouraging the Zen idea of living in the Now!

DSC_0831.JPGLive for the moment and enjoy the process!

The bewilderment on Adrian's face is apparent as his drawings kept magically disappearing, leaving a clean slate and a clear mind, ready to create a whole new masterpiece! A true power of art!

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