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A Multipurpose Weaning Table

As Adrian was approaching six months, we made sure that he had a child-sized table and a chair: to eat, work, and learn. His weaning table measures 18"x 24"x 13"  - it is heavy and sturdy, and it has a solid maple top and legs. Please note that a table should be 8” higher than the chair's seat height.

So, Adrian's Me-Do-It chair's dimensions are as follows: seat height 5", seat depth 6½", seat width 11" and it can be used from 5 months till 31months. Please note that: child’s feet must touch the floor at a ninety degree angle. This chair accommodates the knee-first-then-turn: a ritual typical of beginning sitters. The chair's seat and back are made from a solid maple wood construction, with a wide base to prevent tipping. Designed for the short legs and wide bottoms of toddlers, with handholds for easy carrying and heavily rounded corners for safety, this chair is the best to start with as it is sturdy and the seat is shallow, so the back supports the child in their seated position. We did, however, place a shelf liner, to prevent sliding. 

 Julia's table is a little lighter, and it is right next to Adrian's, on the left. We are hoping for may hours of joyful work: side-by-side:)


At about eight months, we started introducing Schleich animals. He loves playing with them ever since:) Read here, on how Adrian was using his animals as language objects for matching cards activities. 

DSC_0127A reading cubby.

Read here about the Evolution of our Learning Space.

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