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How it all began ...

Thank you for reading our Montessori life journey 💖! In this blog, I am featuring the development of my son, Adrian, since birth, while incorporating the philosophy of Maria Montessori. I have also been embracing Montessori educational approach with my daughter, Julia, whom I homeschooled until September of 2015 when she started kindergarten at a local Montessori school. "Local"? Well, we had moved from the city to the country, to be closer to Julia's new school, and we are loving every second of it!

Presently, at 3 (Adrian) and 7 (Julia) years old, my children👫 are as passionate💖 about Montessori-at-home🏡 as I am. Adrian is still being homeschooled, while Julia started the elementary program at her Montessori school. With Adrian, I aim for about 2-hour cycle of uninterrupted work, 4 days a week. The rest of the week is not as structured (we have maybe an hour or less a day) since the days are usually filled with other family or extra-curriculum activities. 

"We cannot make a genius ... we can only give each individual the chance to fulfill his potential possibilities to become an independent, secure, and balanced human being."—Dr. Maria Montessori

My Montessori journey had started suddenly, touched me deeply and engulfed me entirely. A friend mentioned it to me when Julia was 3 1/2 years old, and I was three-months pregnant with Adrian. Montessori Method of education touched my heart, resonating with every fiber of my being. I knew that "independent, secure, and balanced human being"  is what I wished my children to grow up to be. Since then, I began incorporating the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori in our daily lives.

Short History of Montessori Education:

Maria Montessori was an Italian physician, educator, and innovator, acclaimed for her educational method that builds on the way children naturally learn. She opened the first Montessori school—the Casa dei Bambini, or Children’s House—in Rome in 1907. Subsequently, she traveled the world and wrote extensively about her approach to education, attracting many devotees. There are now more than 22,000 Montessori schools in at least 110 countries worldwide. (Read more here.)

Her Montessori Method of education is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. Dr. Montessori’s Method has been time tested, with over 100 years of success in diverse cultures throughout the world. It is a view of the child as one who is naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment. It is an approach that values the human spirit and the development of the whole child—physical, social, emotional, cognitive. (Read more here.) 

Maria Montessori believed that "the study of love and its utilization will lead us to the source from which it springs, the Child”  ... [who is] "an enigma" ... the one with "highest potentialities" and that it is our "basic task" as an "educator" (whether as a parent at home or a  teacher at school) to “aid life, leaving it free, however, to unfold itself ..." She strongly believed that release of human potentials, we "must take a new path" of education, which "should no longer be mostly imparting knowledge" but be a  "natural process ... acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment." “It is not in human nature for all men to tread the same path of development, as animals do of a single species.”  

My goal is to introduce Montessori home-school education model to parents, and I hope you find information in my blog useful and some activities applicable to your family style. I also offer private consultation should you prefer a more customized one-on-one approach to Your Montessori journey. Please, feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] 💖

Thank you for allowing me to share my Montessori passion with you. 


Sincerely from the Heart💖,



6 Affirmations that are worth repeating to our children daily:

I believe in you

I trust in you

I know you can handle this

You are listened to

You are cared for

You are very important to me


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