Pipe Cleaner ❤️️Heart ✏️Pencil Valentine's Gift

Are you looking for a simple and inexpensive ❤️️ Valentine's Class gift? Julia needs to make 38 class gifts this year, and this DIY is a perfect fine motor craft which will keep those little fingers busy and classmate happy!  

DSC_0038What you need: pencils and red pipe cleaners. 

The first essential for the child's development is concentration. It lays the whole basis for his character and social behavior. He must find out how to concentrate, and for this, he needs things to concentrate upon. This shows the importance of his surroundings. - Maria Montessori. - The Absorbent Mind.

DSC_0038Wrap a pipe cleaner over the top of the pencil creating a ❤️️ heart shape. 

DSC_0045-2Vola! A simple yet practical Class Gift!

Children participate in a variety of fine motor activities in preschool and kindergarten, such as drawing, tracing, cutting, bead threading, and writing. When children begin preschool, they are expected to be able to write a few letters, such as those in the child’s name, and cut in a straight line using scissors. By kindergarten, a child’s fine motor skills are expected to progress to the point where he is able to accurately write all 26 letters, the 10 number symbols, and his full name with all letters in the proper order as well as cut straight lines and simple curves. By the end of kindergarten, children are expected to be able to cut out complicated shapes or figures, tie their own shoes, and color “within the lines.” What we can do to meet those expectations is to create a prepared environment where the child will be able to exercise those fine motor skills while carrying on the love for learning, and we can do so by themed activities, holiday-inspired activities, and unit studies, amongst the few. 

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Frozen Juice ❄️Ice 👄Lips 😋Taste Matching • Sensorial 🖐️👀👂👅👃 101 🎥 Series 🎇

This is a very easy DIY sensorial exploration of the sense of TASTE. Tasting activities are my children's favorites, and I like to come up with variations of a traditional Montessori tasting activity. Also, since ❤️Valentine's Day is approaching, we are using 👄 lips shape ice tray, but you can use any ice tray or use holiday-themed ice trays (like a star ice tray for Independence Day, shells for summer inspired activity, etc. ... possibilities are endless).

DSC_0073Pour the juice into the ice tray and put it in a freezer.

DSC_0093Remove the ice tray once the juice is frozen. DSC_0093Offer to pair the food: orange, cranberry, carrots, and lemon to its juice.  

Exploring how our brain and senses work: Did you know that much of what we think of as 👅taste is actually 👃🏻smell❗️The back of your nose is linked to your mouth at the throat so that you can smell the food as you chew it. That is why when you have a 🤒cold, tiny hairs in your 👃🏻nose get clogged with mucus. This stops them from wafting smell particles deep into your nose and makes it hard to smell or taste things. That is exactly why you cannot "taste" anything when you have a stuffy nose!

DSC_0093Matching carrot juice to carrots.
DSC_0093Since I had frozen two of each type of the juice, you may also offer your child to match the two identical tasting ice cubes. But be swift as our ice lips were melting quickly.

See here our original lesson on 5 Basic 👅Tastes (Brain & Senses, Tongue Taste Map). These lessons are a part of the "💉 Inside of the BODY Anatomy Unit Study" -   read here.

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